08 February 2011

chocolate, hazelnut, & lemons this weekend

There's been a lot of buzz over World Nutella Day out in Blogland lately, with a roundup of recipes posted here and here.  While Nutella was once a staple in our pantry, I now find myself grabbing this local organic choice from the grocery shelf instead. I like it best spread on fresh sourdough bread -- which is what I did to celebrate World Nutella Day this Saturday morning. Later I celebrated my birthday (which is shared with WND) with a much more refined dining experience at this place, that has earned itself a little star. I have arrived in heaven. Really. Or at least arrived to adulthood . . . I am approaching forty, afterall.

Next on my "Culinary To-Do List" is David Lebovitz's homemade version or maybe even Martha's, which is a far cry from organic, for sure. Unless, of course, you think I could find organic condensed milk . . . in Italy. Laughable.


I started a little batch of something else homemade this weekend, as well:

It's my first-ever try at this potent potable. (Wish me luck. I'll need all I can get.) I'll share the recipe I used once I know if the "hooch" is good. It should be finished this weekend.

Those jars continue to be useful, don't they? This is the 1.5 liter size.


  1. oo, excited for your hooch! Especially since I see lemons floating around in it.

  2. Honestly, Katy, I don't have a lot of faith in it. We shall know by Sunday night.

  3. World Nutella Day?! I didn't even know that existed! If I had, I would've grabbed a spoonful in its honor :)

  4. I love the marmalades by Rigoni di Asiago, didn't know they made a nutella-like spread, too!

  5. Saretta -- IMHO it's much better than Nutella. . . Try it if you find it.
    MAddy -- Maybe it's just on the blogs I frequent? I don't know how "worldwide" it's become . . . but it's fun nonetheless.

  6. world nutella day? who knew! i am not a fan of anything with hazelnuts, but have been eyeing smitten kitchen's peanutella. hope your hooch turns out! :) it sure looks good!

  7. Our jar of "Nutella" is half gone. We have also eaten it on bread and those thin cookies made in those irons...they are called pizzels (or something like that).


  8. You can't go wrong with Nutella organic or not! Yum!

  9. Nice jar! And wonderful gourmand week-end ;)

  10. You're a nutella girl then:)
    Happy Birthday!