30 September 2015

italian education :: 27 :: hello! middle school

Anybody out there?

Young One has transitioned to a local public Italian scuola secondaria primo grado or middle school where she is enrolled in a music-specific section, which means that in addition to all of the subjects of the regular sixth grader, she will also study music, intensively.

It's the perfect inspiration to get me back to this blog because, well, it's a bit different.

The first most interesting thing about all of this is the number of subjects and teachers my sixth grader encounters each and every week. She attends school five days a week, each day with a completely different combination/schedule of courses.

1. Italian Grammar and Literature
2. History
3. Geography
4. Mathematics
5. Science
6. Art
7. Music
8. Physical Education
9. French
10. English
11. Religion
12. Technical Drawing
13. Flute / Music Theory
14. Orchestra

Most notable about this is that the child has TWELVE teachers...plus a couple of extra music ones that may or may not work with her from time-to-time.

So far, so good.

Have a nice day!

Disclaimer: I hate generalizations as much as you do, probably more. This is my limited experience at my fifth grader's middle school lost in Northern Italy. If you have a different experience with this, please share!


  1. How is it possible she is in Sixth grade. I remember when I first started reading your blog that she was going from Pre-school to kindergarten. The really do grow up so fast! I mean how is it already October?

    1. You ask some pretty tough questions!

  2. I added you to Feedly a while ago and you finally popped up with something new : ) That is a lot of teachers! I love that she can get the music ed so intensively during school hours.

    1. I'm making an honest effort to be present here a bit more...but I may be a complete failure. The number of teachers blows my mind! And like she has already noticed, each thinks she is the only one in terms of homework! The fun has commenced! At least there are no projects in Italian school.

  3. I'm a little tired just looking at all of her subjects! I'm glad you are back on your blog, I've missing enjoying Italy vicariously through your updates.

    1. Yes. Very tired. Thanks for visiting today! Hope to see you around soon.