09 December 2016

Is this blog dead or alive?

There once was a time that I was a regular blogger, with a mix of posts sharing the details of our days and posts sharing my novice photography obsession. Those were good times.

And then I eventually transitioned to blogging mostly in my head, with sporadic, unpredictable appearances here. The stories in my head have been fantastic.

And then I fell silent. Or, really, switched to micro-blogging with Instagram.  Some days I scroll through my Instagram feed and seriously question that pursuit, before quickly reminding myself that hobbies are healthy. They are indeed good for us. #longlivethehashtag

And here I am, back to 3inGiro, attempting to write. I have good cause to sharpen my long-dormant composition skills, cause that I'll leave purposefully unstated today, and am here again to give it a shot.



  1. I have struggled with sporadic blogging this year, and it has caused me a whole lot of sadness when I click through my archives and remember all the things I have written about in the last almost 12 years. Here's to alive blogs in 2017!

  2. HOORAY! I am happy to see you back here.

  3. bring back the blogs...and writing! #bringbacktheblog