21 February 2010

gracias, barcelona

Dear Barcelona:
How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

1.  Antoni Gaudí 
2. La Sagrada Familia
3. Palau de la Música Catalana 
4. Park Güell
5. Museu Picasso
6. Catedral de Barcelona 
7. Casa Batlló
8. El Corte Inglés
9. Sangria
10. Tapas
11. Las Ramblas
12. Desigual


Okay, so I feel the need to start with a confession:  I spent roughly three days in Barcelona & left feeling like I hadn't interacted with one Spaniard, unless he was selling me something, ticket or bag, or serving me something, most likely sangria and tapas.  This was quite a different traveling experience than what I've come accustomed to, but I think it's just what happens when six women, who very rarely break free from responsibilities of home and family, get a pass to spend a weekend together in a noisy apartment on the edge of the bad section of a city that stays up late and offers so much color and whimsy and life and joy. . . . and sangria. Late, sleepless nights. Early mornings. Few breaks in between. Go. Go. Go.  As a result, I covered some ground. 

Before I show you what I saw, and boy did I see a lot . . . I'd like to offer up some gratitude.  I'm grateful to my husband for absolutely positively loving me and encouraging girls' weekends away, and also for my kiddo, who is well-adjusted enough to not be bothered by my absence.  I'm thankful for these women --  we are all very different in many ways, yet there is something that brings us together beautifully.  I'm thankful to have them in my life, however sporadic it may at times be.   Women need women and this is an incredible bunch.  

So. . . .see you later this week with some images of the grand, non-stop tour of Barcelona.  It included cars, planes, busses, and trains, but not these bikes.  Aren't they beauties, nonetheless?


  1. I can't wait! I am glad you had such a wonderful time.

  2. These pictures look great! I can't wait to see more!

  3. may I possibly add:

    13. la ninja

    just kidding but yes, isn't my city the loveliest ever? (people are okay too, just a tip for next trip ;P) and I'm glad to hear you had such a fab time

    girls w-ends are indeed just plain necessary, right? friendship is just the thing after a hard winter.

  4. Ninja --
    I had no idea. Sneaky.

  5. I feel like these Barcelona posts are teasing tempations that leave me asking for more! More pics, more details. Sounds like such a great escape and in a place we are so eager to explore our ourselves. And hooray for loving, generous husbands and fun-loving girl friends!

  6. a ninja must always be sneaky.
    both by nature and job description.

  7. sounds so wonderful! glad you were able to get away.

    Bryce and I went to Barcelona after college as part of our "Europe after college with a backpack and Eurorail pass" trip. We too were completely taken with Gaudi - especially the park with the mosaic animals. Thanks for the memories!