19 March 2010

Festa del Papá

Happy Father's Day!

March 19:  Festa del Papá & Festa di San Giuseppe

Read more about Italy's Festa del Papá here.

If you are local, maybe we'll see you here this weekend in celebration of San Giuseppe (St. Joseph), the ultimate father, right?  Quail reigns as the speciality.

The longer I'm away, the more I see connections between my home and the rest of the world.  Did you know that the people of South Louisiana celebrate St. Joseph with elaborate altars filled with food offerings?   I remember the altars with their lucky fava beans quite clearly from my childhood.  Even more so, I remember the fancy artisan breads -- probably because the only other bread I ever knew was either white, sliced, and  packaged in a golden bag emblazoned with bunnies or straight and French.  To see braided breads and breads shaped into crosses was quite a delight.  Unfortunately I don't really remember the Italians so much, but apparently they brought the tradition from Sicily.

Have a great weekend!