21 March 2010


Ahh. . . the Italian sagra or, in this case, festa . . . this one featured quail.

One thing:  Don't you love that the water is served in glass bottles and the wine in plastic cups?  Think about it.

The celebration continues through 28 March 2010.

iPhone camera


  1. It sure beats American festival food. Yummy! I thought of another experiment where you show the density of water buy coloring he water and mixing oil and water. They don't mix. One is heavier than the other. Can also show the density of sea water buy using an egg and salt water. An egg with sink in plain water, but as you continue to add salt it will float to the top. It is an easy and cheap experiment. I think there has been several blogs done on this one with using glass beakers for the drinks and so forth. Good luck!

  2. Ha ha, I don't think I'll ever get used to drinking wine from plastic cups.