28 April 2010

corner view

corner view :: animals

When is the last time you saw a healthy pair of oxen leading the parade on your street?

Street Procession
Festa di San Narciso
Suni, Sardinia
June 2009

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  1. I like the floral headdress!

  2. They do look handsome and so clean and shiny. I love their head pieces too. xo

  3. Hi! In answer to your question, I don't think it will make a difference. The two towns mentioned are only 2 miles apart. Morganton has a small lake that I think you can rent peddleboats. It is a really small lake though. The towns are nestled at the base of the Appalachian mountains. Nothing in these towns to really see but just hang out. However, they are both within a 30 minute drive of really fun and easy hikes for the young one. Desoto Falls, Amiacola Falls, Tocco Falls, Ruby Falls also known as Uncoi State park. Helen though a cheesy kind of tourist trap town with it's German motive is fun for kids. You can rent watertubes and float down the river. Also, some yummy food. You will be about an hour from Chattanooga which also has a Ruby Falls (really cool, The Aquarium, Lookout Mtn, and the Train museum. Too see some of the waterfalls you can go to my archive list and there are photos. Dahlonga is a fun town which has it's own winery, Kangeroo farm, and gold mining. Hope this information helps. Should let me know when you come to town. Maybe we could meet up for lunch!

  4. Never !! Aren't they huge and wonderful creatures.

  5. Not recently...I'm waiting!

  6. never.. they are so huge!