31 May 2010

bring the entertainment

About Young One. . . 

She can generally handle the occasional times that we drag her to events that are not necessarily kid-friendly, like tastings and tours at cantinas or long leisurely lunches.

And while I used to stress out when she would act like a kid . . . image!. . . I am now much better at taking it in stride, encouraging the fun in the otherwise "boring" outing.

Of course, the most important lesson I've learned in the six years she's been with us is to always, always, always bring the entertainment. Now that she is older, she selects the contents of the bag & is generally able to carry that bag. This cast of characters joined us on our adventures in Valpolicella yesterday. We tasted wines while she engaged in play with these guys or my with apps on my iPhone. Entertainment for big people and little people = key to successful day.

Additional images of our day can be found here.


  1. Such great pictures! I especially like that last one...she looks like a little super star! And you're a wise mamma to let her pack her own bag!

  2. We do that too. It's amazing to me that holding a My Little Pony can occupy them, but it does.

  3. Hey, I just got around to reading Sunday's Travel Section in the Washington Post and guess what?? An article on Valpolicella!


  4. Great article, Karen! It is really a beautiful place. Sunday was overcast with cloudy skies, so the natural beauty was difficult to capture in images. It does rival Tuscany.

    We did visit one of the places mentioned in the article -- Villa Spinosa. Lovely.

    Thanks again,