02 May 2010

cheap Easter chocolate

It was the Young One's idea to melt the Easter chocolate and dip strawberries into it.  Her dad obliged. It was fun for the both of them while it lasted.

Just in case you were wondering. . . strawberries dipped in cheap Easter chocolate taste mostly of cheap Easter chocolate.  The berries are much better sans cheap chocolate.

What's your plans for your cheap Easter chocolate?  I've ditched that which did not get melted.


  1. I only buy the good stuff. Lindt, but it is very dangerous for me because then I eat it too. What gets left over is the jelly beans and gummies. My boys is all gone. In regards to Harris and his award, we have a German school that he attends every Saturday morning. There are over 250 students in the school that come from all over the Atlanta area. We have some parents who drive as much as one hour in each direction. It isn't easy though because it means we can't just run off for the weekend. The school keeps the same calender as the school calender. Off for all major holidays. So worth it though!

  2. Our Easter candy went in the trash Easter evening. I did, however, find an egg with candy in it yesterday under my couch. It only took 3 weeks to find.