11 June 2010

got the fever?

Ready for the World Cup?

You must read this very funny take on the event from the American perspective . . . . lovin' that blog and thinking of buying the book for the plane ride this summer.

Young One Pimped Out for the Cup

Okay, so the truth is that no one in this family is particularly interested in the event, but I have a feeling that it starts soon judging from the paraphernalia in the stores and signs posted around pizzerias indicating game times and tv sizes.

All of this Italian-themed fan merchandise is available at Auchan, by the way.  We didn't give any of it a home, but that red, white, and green pom-pom was tempting.


  1. You should see my post today. The boys are so excited they can't contain themselves. My husband has us working around the event times.

  2. We've definitely got the fever at my house! (Well, some of us do anyway) This afternoon during Mexico vs. South Africa, Katherine was dancing around chanting "Get the ball! Get the ball! GOOO!!" while Penelope shouted out things like, "Offsides!" Meanwhile, Chris was actually trying to *watch* the game (silly man) and I was, you know, just kind of vegging on the couch.

    So yeah, The World Cup. Woo hoo!

  3. "TV sizes." Dustin and I both think that's great and oh so very authentically Italian.