24 July 2010

beach days

I count us lucky to have generous family and friends who often host us during our summer travels. We spent the second segment of our travel at the beach house of one of those gracious family members. This is the stop where we connect with Young One's young adult Duncan cousins (all 18 and above), which is great on a few levels. They adore her and they love having her in their midst = Richard and I get a pause from the constant chatter of our only child who relents only in her sleep AND we are not worried in the least of her whereabouts or safety -- all while she makes connections and memories with her family.

We moved on from the beach yesterday and are now in Norfolk for the weekend celebrating the wedding of a friend who has waited 52 years to tie the knot -- the mood is jovial and the celebration appropriately grand. She's also just retired from an illustrious career as an educator and administrator in our schools and has a PhD in her near future. Lots of cause to celebrate. Lots of happy people from around the world that we don't get to see often.

So, last night at dinner at the Surf Rider restaurant here in Norfolk, I proposed the question: "What was the favorite part of Duncan Beach Week?" I loved every minute of it -- did I mention I read half of an entire book? -- but by far my favorite was a "thing" over a "moment." Our niece Kaitlyn presented us a colored-pencil drawing of Young One that she did from one of my favorite photos. I envy her talent. I *heart* her graciousness. Richard loved that, too -- brought him to tears. He also loved being in the ocean with Young One and the boogie board. Young One loved the moment she was in the ocean with Aunt Karen and Uncle John and a huge wave crested at just the right moment and nearly took them out. I thought sure that it would mean the end of her ocean time as I witnessed it from the shore, but she recovered with giggles and smiles.

Today we are taking advantage of a few moments of down time in our hotel room with cartoons and coffee in bed. I've got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good, good night. (And it should continue into tomorrow as we move on to the visit with "my people" -- if Bonnie allows us.)


  1. I read your blog...I love it...Your stories make me smile...your life seems very blessed...
    Enjoy that young one as much as you can...before you can blink she will be grown and wanting to leave the nest. I know! My baby, my daughter, will be leaving for Rome,Italy to finish her last year at the American University. I already miss her and she isn't even gone...
    So hug, squeeze, and kiss that little one as much as you can...and thank you posting your lifes adventures...

  2. Oh, it is pouring down here like cats and dogs and the sky is complaining as loud as it can. Hope you get to Georgia safely. I was also an only child and while it was hard growing up as an only child. I was also the youngest in a group of cousins. However, I felt totally loved and adore and still love to hang out with these cousins today.

  3. Saretta, I attempt to focus on the moments that make up our blessed lives -- but I'm not always good at it. Summer is a good time for us teacher types.

    Thanks for readingnthe blog. I started as a waynto keep family and friends updated on our overseas adventures, mostly our newly purchased house. Now it's become a journal of memories that I otherwise likely would not keep. I hope your daugter enjoys Rome. Will you visit her there?

    We are scheduled to fly through Atlanta tomorrow in route to LA. Hopingnfo good weather.