02 July 2010

burger or tramezzino?

An observation worth sharing:

There was a big festa out back recently in honor of 4 children who are celebrating birthdays.  As you can imagine, there were all sorts of food offerings for the tasting, including some American fare.

Giorgio enjoys a tasty dog from the grill.
The Italians (most people at this gathering of nearly 50 were indeed Italian) were lining up, waiting, longing, smacking their lips . . . .  for American hot dogs and burgers from Richard's grill.  As soon as he put a tray out, it emptied and sat waiting to be filled again.  Hot dogs and hamburgers. Plain. As much as Gene (friendly neighbor guy) pushed the dressings, most of the hungry crowd remained largely uninterested in onions and relish or mayonaise and pickles. Some did opt for a bit of ketchup.

Italian Party Food: Manuela's Tramezzini
There were those of us (Americani) in the crowd who found these tramezzini, brought to the table by the talented Manuela, much more interesting than any ready-to-grill hamburger. Can you blame us? Don't get me wrong, I love nothing better than a good burger . . . . but . . . . sometimes. . . . . Well, just look at them, will you?

She offered several varieties and they are all good, I'm sure. My favorite is the tuna with pearl onions, but don't they all looking tempting? 

Psst . . . Have you ever tasted Italian tuna? You should.


  1. Oh wow - that looks really good - and l would have preferred them as well...

  2. My family will always go for burgers (while I personally simply love piadine)
    PS psst, I think the canned tuna you get in the US tastes a little like pet food, not that I've ever had any (except in the US:)) - I DID NOT say any of that.

  3. They were really good!

    How can I ever eat American tuna again after having Italian tuna? Is it the olive oil or is it the quality of the tuna or is it the . . . what is it? Your secret is safe with me.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. They look good, but give me a burger! Happy 4th!

  5. Rolled tramezzini? Huh! Never seen those before! Your friend must be very creative in the kitchen.

  6. Saretta,
    The rolled tramezzini are actually quite common here & can be found in bars and such. I don't know if they are using the same bread? Maybe I'll do a post on it . . .