07 July 2010

corner view / italy

Corner View :: Saturday

I totally forgot about this theme until yesterday afternoon.  This is what I found in my camera from Saturday;  have I ever mentioned how nice it is to have a host of kids in our neighborhood?  

mandgloria july3
These girls love the dress up collection and the makeup kit;  I mean LOVE it.

We are still soaking up each moment of summer and have plans to recharge for a couple of days in the mountains before starting our summer journey across the ocean blue.

For additional views of Saturday, visit Jane in Spain, our lovely Corner View host.
Hey. . . why not join us?  


  1. I was excactly the same as a little girl...

  2. Come prepared for hot! It is 97 degree here with humidity.

  3. I was not quite like this, but I think it's because I didn't have the chance: "Get out and play, girl!"

    I hear your warnings. . . but remember, I'm a Louisiana girl . . . I know heat and humidity.

  4. what a fantastic shot. i mean FANTASTIC! :)

  5. you summer sounds just the way it ought to be!