11 July 2010

le mucche

1malga cow close
I love the bells!

We've just returned from adventures with friends in the heart of the Dolomiti, an area of the Italian Alps.  Judging from the number of pictures of cows (le mucche) on my camera, one may think I have never before seen one. 
1malga cow close2

Have you ever visited a malga?  Our friends brought us to one in the middle of the mountains for a first-time experience.

More  later . . . 


  1. Great photos! I have only driven through this area, but would love to stay in this area. Dana, do you have any suggestion for where to eat pizza in Naples. I know it is famous for it's pizza, but was wondering where the best place to eat is. Also will be traveling to Positano and Pomeii. Where would be better to get a hotel. Thanks, Kelleyn kelleynr@yahoo.com

  2. Hi Kelleyn,
    I'll respond in an email soon. . .

  3. I (heart) fat happy Alpine cows.

  4. The photo of the cow looking straight on is amazing. Great job! When we went to Grindelwald I was taken with the Swiss cows, but told myself not to take a bunch of pictures of them. On the last day I couldn't take it anymore and had my FIL pull over on our way out of town, next to a pasture so I could click to my hearts content ;) Glad you indulged.

  5. Katy,
    You would have loved this bc there was direct access to those cows! The beauty of digital is ,of cousre, thatbi can delete , delete, delete!
    That's my favorite cow shot, too!