19 July 2010

moving on

We are wrapping up the first leg of our 2010 Summer Odyssey in the States and plan to move on to join more relatives at the beach in Sandbridge, VA in the morning and then to the wedding of a friend in Chesapeake Saturday.

We've been doing this family visit together for about nine years now & have slowly (and, at times, painfully) learned to navigate it successfully. A key element to a successful summer visit is to keep moving, without remaining in one place for over a week. It's also important to remember that it's not a vacation for us. Vacations suggest relaxation sans stress.

I've asked both Richard and Young One to tell me their absolute favorite parts of the first section of the journey. Mine was undoubtedly box seats at The Kennedy Center for Mary Poppins. Richard replied that his best moment was picking us up at the airport & the greeting he received from Young One. He traveled a few days ahead of us. Don't tell his mother, who would likely prefer his visits with her to be the highlight. And Little Miss Sunshine just told me that by far the visit to Chuck E. Cheese tops her list. (Yes, she sat in the box at The Kennedy Center. Yes, Mary Poppins flew right past her into the neighboring box. Yes, she scored a Mary Poppins doll. Chuck E. Cheese. She's six.)


  1. We have a Chuck E. Cheese near my house in Boston...

  2. Sounds amazing! We went to a wedding last summer off the bay in Maryland and it was wonderful. I keep trying to tell my husband that vacations are not really vacations. Those will come soon enough when the children are all grown up. The vacations are more about building memories.

  3. I'm so jealous about those Mary Poppins tickets! I understand about the Chuck E. Cheese though. We have always lived near one and I, personally, could do without!! The kids, however, always seem to want to go there....

    Hope you enjoy your trip! Sounds like you have a terrific start! :)

  4. You're in the US? Since when? Enjoy your summer odyssey!

  5. haha! chuck e cheese! i remember those days... happy travels my friend!

  6. Les, maybe it'll be adoption to beat the Boston heat!

    Kelleyn, you are correct --, we do it all for the memories. Memories and connections for the kiddo.

    Tiffany, nice to meet you! The box seat were a splurge, but with little opportunity for American-style musical theatre all year, I can easily justify it to myself. The performance was incredible.

    Francy -- every year, very similar summer routine :)

    Jane , thanks and I bet you've seen the inside of your fair sharebof chuck e cheese places. This year wevwent just for the obnoxious fun and skipped the godawful pizza.

  7. Whoa! Typing on the iPad at early am hours leadsvto manta typos?...sorry.

  8. Oh, the Mary Poppins tickets sound spectacular! As for the Chuck E. Cheese experience, I can see that one looming in my near future...although I *do* kind of like those tiny air hockey tables...

    Have fun on the rest of your trip!

  9. Ditto on the air hockey!