31 July 2010

things we've eaten since arriving in LA

shrimp creole
seafood gumbo
red beans and rice
shrimp poboy
oyster poboy
filé gumbo
crawfish stew
smoked sausage
red bean gumbo
crawfish pie
famous Ferdi poboy with debris from Mother's

beignets and cafe au lait
bread pudding with rum sauce
Southern Maid doughnuts

(awesome) Bloddy Mary's

Tomorrow we are heading out to Acadiana to visit this place.  Talks are in the works of what restaurant to visit. . . . let the gastronomic adventures continue.  There's no place like home.

My favorite, by far, were my sister's crawfish pies that we ate for dinner this evening.  Divine.


  1. I read this and was thinking, "wow.. that's a lot of Cajun food for Los Angeles!" Then I figured out you were talking about Louisiana! LOL

    Sounds Yummy!

  2. Funny. . .it does confuse people at times. I've never been to Los Angeles, but I bet you could like find all these foods in the area. How tasty they might be. . .well, that's left to be determined.
    Have a great day!

  3. mmmm...i like the way you travel! :D

  4. Same thing, I thought you were going to Los Angeles, but when I saw your list of foods I was that's not Los Angeles. How does one make Crawfish pie. Do you take the shells off first?

  5. yes... shells off. . then you can treat it like shrimp.

  6. Update on more things we've eaten:

    fried shrimp
    stuffed shrimp
    stuffed crab
    fried oysters
    seafood jambalaya

    blackened catfish topped with softshell crab and then crawfish etouffee (mamma mia -- that was Richard and Cory's choice at Pat's in Henderson)

    Sadly -- not one raw oyster this year. Damn BP.

  7. I hope there were some pickled beans in those bloody's ;) YUM! Have a great visit. - Karen

  8. That's my kind of food (not sure about the poboy with debris, sounds kind of ... "foreign":)). I love seafood, but I don't really know how to cook it. Pasta allo scoglio is as far as I go.

  9. Wow, that's exotic stuff! You know you can't get that here in Italy! Enjoy!

  10. You are really making me miss Louisiana! I'd give my left arm for a shrimp poboy and a spicy Bloody Mary!

  11. Finally catching up on blog reading and good grief this post has made me so homesick and hungry...Pat's, Mother's, po-boys, etouffee,crawfish pie,etc. Hope you waved to my family when you were passing through New Iberia and St.Martinville!