26 September 2010

the current pace


Busy with work. Busy with Young One's new school. Busy with social calls. Busy with extra-curricular activities at my school.  Busy with swim lessons. Busy with meeting after meeting. 

Today was the first day in several weeks with absolutely nothing on the agenda, all day long.  And as an added bonus, Young One spent the day here with a friend celebrating a birthday.  My plan for the day was to close the shutters tight, remain in my pajamas, & watch this movie and this movie, followed by a nap and a few episodes of this show. There was to be no deep thought, no writing or reading, and no contact with the outside world.

Alas, plans change. We woke early to a beautiful sky with a fierce morning sun and set off on a walk (for over two hours) and this is some of what I saw:

This friendly horse has chatted with strangers before today, I'm sure.
Our parish priest whizzed by en route to mass.
water spout
Water element nearby. . . unfortunately many local treasures are unmarked, leaving us clueless.
The pomegranate trees are heavy with fruit.
You just never know where David might turn up.
Translation:  No advertisements, just bread.
I wonder if our local dwarves are related to those at the famous Villa Valmarana.
The Chiesa in Our Town
Who said all of the time was spent walking?

After the walk we actually went out for a bite and then returned to watch Letters to Juliet, a fun movie set in Italy that doesn't require much thought.  I'm now working the pile of laundry and preparing mentally for the week ahead, which will be just as action-packed through the already-booked-solid weekend and beyond.

I have to wonder if the pace of our lives has indeed changed so greatly or if we are still slowly adapting from the summer schedule.  Either way. . . I need to find my groove, soon.


  1. I enjoyed the Sunday stroll through your village.

  2. You could be right about the shroud. I haven't checked it out since I got home to see when it actually does makes it's appearance. I did hear about the Eygpt Museum from a Italian guy who was smitten by me and was giving me a tour of the small collection at the Sforza Museum, but I didn't have enough time to it too. I would like to go back, but maybe next time hang out in the mountains there. I heard your city is beautiful. I overheard a lady say she liked your city better than Verona. Glad you had a chance to hang out today. After church we snuggled under the blankets and watched Marmaduke. It rained all day and I was very happy about that. I needed some cooler temps.

  3. I totally get it! Still trying to find my groove too. The transition from summer to school takes a while - for me and for the kids. I have to keep reminding myself of that when I feel frustrated at not "grooving." Hope you find yours soon!

    What is that orangey drink? My friend and I drank those all through Tuscany. We thought they were called, Spritz. What is in them? That picture brings back good memories.

  4. The weather is still too nice to spend indoors, I think this extended summer must be compensating for the awful winter and spring weather!

  5. Ah...nothing like a spritz! That is one thing I will really miss when we leave Italy. Well, that and the wine!

  6. Just as I was getting a handle on the week's activities, I found a Saturday afternoon birthday invite in her backpack......as though the day wasn't already full enough. Now I have to fit in a six-year-old party among strangers. Blehhh.

    It is a spritz. Most are made with Campari or aperol with a mix of prosecco and sometimes fizzy water. Sometimes an orange, sometimes an olive. It is for before a meal to stimulate the appetite, though we do enjoy the in the early afternoon as well at times.

    It's 19:01 and I'm ready for bed.

  7. Gorgeous! Good luck finding your pace!