27 October 2010

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Lots of Farming in My Paese and Surrounding Areas

Lately I've been thinking much about the food we eat.  I've been thinking about gentically modified foods, Monsanto, antibiotics, free-range chickens, organic, biologico, high fructose corn syrup, whole grains, local products, American beef, Round Up, raw milk, biodinamico, seasonal products, Asiago cheese, brands and products to avoid, the cost of organic.  I try to make sense of all of the conflicting information that I read, always considering the source.  It's a lot for one to ponder, believe me.  Making the change in the way my family eats isn't all that difficult, but knowing exactly what change is most effective seems a mystery to me at times.  So I read more, discuss with people interested in these topics (Did you know that not everyone is interested?), and ponder, ponder, ponder.

And you, what have you been pondering of late? 

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is actually WHY I moved to Italy. Italy tends to be much more progressive than the US when it comes to food policy (of course there are still issues). But when I decided I wanted to study food security, I knew I had to do it in Rome. My food blog about Monsanto/GMO/Famine/Food Security is Meeting Lunch

    I am stunned when people don't care. You put it in your body EVERY DAY, how can you not care? Whew. Rant over.

  2. I did know. My mother in law is convinced that if the FDA allows it to be on the shelf, then it must be good and healthy food - end of story. About the cost of organic, I see it as an investment in our health:) Ciao!

  3. You're right, this is a topic that confuses me the more I keep pondering about. There is a lot about that in the media these days, but I'm no huge fan of hysteria. Think it's still the best to use common sense: to buy more regional and seasonal, to subsist balanced, to avoid meat (I'm no vegetarian, but in fact I always prefer meatless meals if there is a choice)...exceptions are always allowed as long as they keep exceptions!

  4. its a subject i have been pondering about too. after studying chemistry i was totally disillusioned!
    my solution is to buy directly from producers that i trust. my baker is a really good friend of mine, my coffee roasters have become friends, the fruit and veg is organic from a local farmer... sadly i dont have a garden anymore- because that was my way to make sure i know what i eat.
    yes lots of pondering on that subject
    happy corner view!

  5. Dr. OZ has been a great source of health hear in the United States, and he talks about organice food a lot. I once heard that vegetables and fruits that soak up lots of water like strawberries, mushrooms, berries,are best to be bought organically where as bananas and oranges you don't need to worry about. It is very confusing. Then the buying locally is another whole issue of the foot print it leaves on the environment. I guess the farther away an item comes the larger the foot print. I know there are several books out their on the subject. Good Luck!

  6. there is a lot to ponder when it comes to food - processed/organic, fresh or not and what I'm feeding my family.
    there's also a lot of information and opinions it can get confusing so I tend to go with what feels right for me and my family.

  7. pooh... food does keep me pondering too, although i've been a bad ass at it, since i've lacked quality time to cook. so feeling a little guilty on that behalf. i find food and eating always a challenge anyway, since messages are indeed coming from all directions, and sometimes i am frankly losing all thread...
    so. ponder, quite often, over a cup of coffee or organic tea...

  8. Have you read any of Michael Pollan's books? Or Animal, Vegetable, Miracle? They should have some good info.


  9. Very timely subject as we just moved to the US from Italy. It is very time consuming to find "fresh" food that doesn't cost a fortune. Anything pre-packaged, pre-cooked, etc. is cheap but food I'm used to from the open air markets in Italy is difficult to access. I love many things about our new life in America...but I long for Italy and it's markets!

  10. A wonderful post and one I think about often too. xo

  11. well, it's hard to find the balance. plus, even though I'm all up for organic, etc, it's only small portion of the population that can afford it and/or get proper information. also, major chains have been jumping on the bandwagon for years and selling stuff labelled "bio" and "healthier" when it's not really so...

    trying to avoid most processed foods and making as much as you can yourself from scratch is pretty much a good start, I find.

    there... bioninja x

  12. We eat as much organic as possible, not only because it's better for us, but because we want to support that type of farming. For that reason we buy unbleached toilet paper, this is my husband's big thing, the political reason...he started the first health food store in Berkeley long ago...