18 November 2010

on my mind

Currently on my mind  . . .

1. Is it nearly Thanksgiving already? How did that happen?  We are celebrating early with friends this weekend, fresh turkey and all.

2. After receiving a glowing review from her teacher early in the week at the parent/teacher conference, Young One failed twice to remember that she was assigned homework.  Do I take the blame, ultimately, for not checking her diario? (Not likely.)

3.  Looking for books as gifts for little people this year?  Check this SLJ list. And here is the list of fiction for those a bit older.

4.  How can we convince our daughter that she does not want this as a gift from Santa? I am thinking of going over to the dark side of electronics to persuade her to change her mind.

5. I am so looking forward to Mark's stuffing. He is salivating for my pecan pie.  It's a win / win. 

6. A friend shared an app with me last night that allows users to dictate text messages and/or emails.  I haven't checked it out just yet, but the Italian version on her iPhone was really nice, and free!

7. Another friend invivted us over for a birthday celebration that includes playing Tombola, for money.  I've been practicing my Italian numbers ever since.

8. Yet another friend shared a short video of her students with me that her husband shot and edited entirely on his iPhone 4.  It was unbelievable.  How did he do that?

9.  I want iLife 11. (Hint, Richard, Hint.)

10.  A friend brought her son to a birthday party of one of Young One's classmates.  She reported that the family had three, yes, THREE, servants, domestics, helpers (what do I call them?). . . in uniform, nonetheless. Who are these people?

11. Pondering the best method and best product to use to wax a marble floor (Veneziana) ..... ugghh .... it's growing dull ..... I tried once before & don't seem to have been very successful. Suggestion? Do you live in Italy? Do you know which product I should use?

12.  We are leaving four children in my house with two teen babysitters for several hours this weekend.  Last time we did that 3 years ago, Young One visited the ER.  Hmmmm. . . have they matured enough to handle it?

13. French cheese -- don't you love it?
Fromage in the Market in Isles
Market in Southern France, April 2010
What's on your mind?


  1. Will pray your daughter doesn't end up in the ER. I think the dictation app is pretty cool. I have to say I wanted one of those Barbie houses when I was your daughters age. Have a Fantastic Thanksgiving and time away. Kelleyn

  2. Good luck with the Tombola, I've played that only a couple of times, it was fun (no money though).

  3. I'm no help on the floors whatsoever.

    However, I have to side with Young One on the Barbie dreamhouse. I had one similiar to that and to this date it's one of my favorite Christmas presents to date. :)

  4. I remember reading something about the care or restoration of those floors in Under the Tuscan Sun. That's all the help I can be :) Good luck.