14 November 2010

one of those families


As we waited for the girls to complete a costume change, I reviewed the photos in my camera while Richard continued to practice some tunes.  He casually suggested that we should do one of these skits that the girls are putting on today for our friends for our annual Christmas party;  I could narrate while he accompanied on the guitar with tone-appropriate music and Young One acted out the script.  My eyes widened -- "You mean, we are going to be one of those families?"  He couldn't contain his laughter.


Yesterday I returned from a morning of shopping to discover that Young One had written two stories.  As in, the child took out a piece of paper, grabbed her pencil, and wrote enough to fill the entire blank page.  Twice.  And by the end of the day today, she has two more stories.  This may seem like no big deal to you, but it's a big step, a cause for celebration in our house.  My child wrote an entire page of text, unprompted by me. She created dialog. She crafted characters. She spelled many things correctly, and when she didn't know, she invented spelling.  An entire page. All by herself. She used words and language on paper in a creative, promising way for the first time. That is brilliant.  

Il Gatto and Il Topo (Cat and Mouse)
This story included a fairy and a dwarf.

Sunday morning we did a bit of reader's theater.  I read the stories (try decoding invented spelling in a foreign language), Richard provided the music, and the girls selected costumes and "acted." Again, this was Young One's idea. I suppose we are indeed becoming one of those families.  It's perfectly okay for a Sunday morning, but don't think it'll be coming to a Christmas party near you. Even I have my limits.

Yes, I do realize that kids all over the world write stories every single day, that this is a normal stage of development, that as a type this some kid is writing a story . . .  but those aren't my kids.  Some parents get excited over the first steps or the first words; for me, it's this act of writing that has my heart leaping. Let me have my moment.

I used Pioneer Woman's "Seventies" action on this photos.  I like it for this subject, I think.


  1. Why not? We have friends who live in Toronto and as their Christmas card they send a video that they have made and put on You Tube. It is brilliant. Go for it!

  2. I demand video if you become one 'those families.'
    I honestly don't know what I think of the photo editing. Its a little too pink and red for my taste, but yeah works for the cat and princess.

  3. It is a big step to write two stories! She already totally understands the value and meaning of writing (as opposed to a boring chore), and that's a huge step at her age! I like the way your photos look, but what's the "seventies" action??

  4. Oh. . . Kelleyn, I'm just not that creative, or that brave!
    Michelle, Ha! I doubt that it will ever leave our living room on a weekend morning. If we "Go Big," I'll let you know.
    Francesca, I've been waiting for this to launch. Finally. An action is a pre-programmed script that tells Photoshop (or maybe some other programs) exactly how to "edit" a photo. Pioneer Woman offers action bundles for FREE download.

  5. Just found your blog and I'm finding it fascinating.
    I'll be coming back for more reading:)

    Una Siciliana from Missouri

  6. Welcome, Siciliana from Missouri :)

  7. i think that being one of THOSE families is fabulous! :D this post gave me instant visions of all sorts of British children's books. though for some reason the only specific example that is coming to mind is Little Women which is decidedly not British. my cousins and i used to put on plays at my grandparents house when we were little. good times!

    as for the photo processing--i like it! i recently acquired a copy of photoshop from a very kind friend and have been playing around with PWs actions as well as some other photographers'. prior to having any actual experience with actions i thought i would just have to hit a button and be done, but am learning that that is not always the case. am hoping to figure out how to do textures soon...ANYWAY! i will probably be going a little action crazy with the photos for a while!

    it was funny to see your photos, as i just used PWs actions for the first time last week. and actually used her seventies action on our christmas card photos. which i am totally agonizing over. they are printed already, so it's too late, but i still can't stop!