25 January 2011

a different type of vending machine



This hut sheltering vending machines appeared in a field in a neighboring town several months ago. No ordinary vending machines, these refrigerated ones dispense only locally-made dairy products from the Latterie Vicentine cooperative -- milk, yogurt, butter, and a selection of cheeses.

Young One's favorite is frutti di bosco (mixed berries) yogurt drink.

When you consider that grocery stores actually close at reasonable hours and rarely open on Sundays, and that 24-hour convenience stores essentially don't exist here, a dairy vending machine sounds like quite a smart idea. The fact that artificial hormones for cattle is banned in European Union countries is certainly an added bonus of this dairy source.



Fresh, local, convenient . . . what else could we ask for? Next time I need a bit of marscapone late on a Sunday afternoon, I'll be in business.  What for, you ponder?  Why, tiramisu, of course!


(These machines, located in Secula, don't dispense the latte crudo, or raw milk, available on tap in many other spots throughout the province. Those can be found on this map, which indicates that there are 30 in the province of Vicenza alone.)


  1. I'm envious. I could use one of those in my backyard. No more trips to the coop 15 kms away for ... mascarpone :)

  2. Love all the interesting vending machines in Europe! When we went to Amsterdam, they had a Heineken dispensing one in our hostel :) What a hoot!

  3. I wish we would have more vending machines here in the states that would carry healthy items. No wonder Americans are so fat.

  4. This is lovely! But even more lovely is the fact that the hormones are banned in Italy.

  5. oh, that IS a fabulous idea! that would definitely have been nice in CH too, where the stores also are closed on sunday and at a reasonable hour on weekdays. love that the vending machine only dispenses local products. brilliant!

    btw, let me know if you want me to email you the chocolate pie recipe! i can scan it in, no problem.

  6. Love this! Experience similar vending machines in Trentino last year and was blown away by the concept and quality. Lucky you!

  7. I've seen the raw milk stands but not the almost heavenly-looking dairy stands. I've always been tempted to go to the ones that dispensed raw milk, except I'm going to need a pointer or two on how to drink the milk without getting sick. I think they call the raw milk machines "the cow" :)

  8. I have no idea if the prices are better than inside the actual grocery, which, in the case of this one is surprisingly not very far away. I'll look into that.

    It's a new thing for us, but every time we pass by or stop, others are there as well. It seems to be popular.

    John . . . just remember that the raw milk is good for only 2 days. Use a very clean container, dispense and bring directly to your fridge. 2 days, that's the key, unless you boil it, then it can last just a bit longer. I've read that the milk in those stations is changed daily and that which has not been dispensed is then used to make cheese. We use it occasionally without consequence. I have friends who use it exclusively. . . 2 little kids . . . no problems.

    Maybe I'll post that one nearby next. . .

  9. I think I need to stop off and pick up some of that delicious cheese!

    The raw milk dispensers are something I'm really going to miss when we move back to the States.

  10. Heard about these only recently but have yet to see one in the Viterbo region!

  11. i'd be at that machine at all times! luxury, i tell you!

  12. That's in a field? wow, amazing!

  13. I was never too sure about latte crudo, but a vending machine with milk, butter, yogurt and cheese??? Jealous!

  14. OMG Sign me up for the tiramasu too! : ) Very nice post. LOVE the pictures. Gorgeous!