12 January 2011

on printing

I printed this image from Sardegna. I think I picked it bc it's been so dang rainy and cold here.

For as many photos as I take, I rarely order them, and I've recently discovered that I'm not alone in this habit. I'm proud to report that I've already submitted a photo book of the holiday season (woohoo!) and just yesterday I ordered several photos from Mpix, my preferred printer (for now). I like Mpix for the quality of the prints, ease of use of the site, fair prices, and incredible speed.

In completing this excercise of selecting photos to print, I discovered that this failure to have photos printed is not solely related to lack of motivation for me, instead:  I'm picky . . . I like it to be perfect . . . It's never perfect . . . I don't print for display.

I forced myself to select some. I wonder if I'll be able to force myself to display them in my home.

Do you have a preferred printer to share?


  1. I can confirm that you're not alone in this habit:)

  2. I'm an MPIX fan also! I've had a Kodak account for almost a decade and have come to realize that if I upload pictures (say from the holidays) I am ready when the photobooks go on sale -- or are free, as was the case with a Christmas book I just did. I don't love, love Kodak Gallery but it gets me what I need. I can share pics easily and then they are waiting in cyberspace for me to order when a sale hits. BUT I am rotten about framing and actually hanging!!! I think I'm like you and want perfection and NEVER feel like it is achieved. My own worst critic!
    (PS - Lizzie barely plays with the felt food but my 2nd grade niece asked for some felt food! Why is it so hard to get just the right gift for the right person!)

  3. I second it! Just this past year I printed some photos for the first time. I don't have any favorites but thank you for sharing your current favorite printing place. xo

  4. I have yet to print any of my own photos! I have done a few for family, but none of my photography :o/ You're at least one step ahead of the game!

  5. Since our last trip to Italy and discovered Sardenga I have been dreaming of going there. It is next on my list. I told my husband he owes me at least a few more trips to Italy in order for me to see everything. Hope warmer weather is around the corner. It looks like we are in for a few more days of freezing temps.

  6. Maddy, I've gifted framed prints to family, too! How weird is that??? and I love those photos I gave to my sister.

  7. i also use mpix. love it! for the first time, this christmas, got one of their canvas wraps for my in-laws. turned out really really nice, and i can't wait to do some for my house. i don't know if i've mentioned this before, or maybe if you saw it already when i commented on lucia's blog, but just in case you haven't seen it, here is one way i display photos in our home:


    i love it. so easy, and don't have to worry about frames. plus it's easy to rotate through photos. just need to find a way to store the photos that aren't being displayed!

  8. this is beautiful! and your post above cracked me up!