16 February 2011

love notes

the love fest continues this february morning

italian love notes

"Mamma, I love you very much because you gave me life.  I've drawn myself in the square." 
Feb. 2011, Young One, six-years-old

It's a very loose translation of one in a series of love note treasures that I have received after school. Needless to say, I love being the object of her desire and reaping the benefits of her new-found literacy confidence.  And, yes, her teacher has already taught them cursive, in first grade. So far, I'm liking her high expectations of the little people. I think it's also the teacher who plants ideas about reasons to love your mother above everyone in their little minds. No complaints here. Another note that I received said very much the same thing, followed with "And Dad, thank you for marrying Mamma." (Shhh. . . don't tell the good suora that it wasn't in the church. The shame.)


  1. He knows how he is important for you. Mi piace molto questo quadro. Il sorriso è bello :)
    What a nice drawing and gift.

  2. I love the love letters! They will need their own satin ribbon to hold all of them safely together.

  3. How sweet! Save them forever!

  4. I have a difficult time with organization and long-term storage of this kind of stuff.
    How do you do it?????

  5. Ah, i hope you are keeping them, a box file to start with would be just fine!

  6. ohhhhh! such a wonderful love note! in cursive? that truly IS impressive. and pretty, too.

  7. awwww...love notes in italian! what could be better???