10 March 2011

oh, procrastination! how do i love thee, let me count the ways . . .

Of course, you know the reason I've taken a break from blogging in March is because I have SO. MUCH. TO. DO. With three time-sensitive projects looming, I need all the time I can get and don't have a minute to spare, especially since one of these is a whopper of a project with many little pieces to be pulled together. Truly. Yet, here I am -- not using time wisely.

I've always worked better under pressure. I've always worked better with deadlines near. I've always procrastinated until the last conceivable moment. Every. Single. Time. It, whatever "it" may be, gets done, always gets done well. Can procrastination be a valid approach for some? I do believe this is so. (It does not work well when grading essays, but cannot be avoided.)

Some things never change. Instead of doing the things that I need to be doing, I've spent my time on things I feel like doing -- like tinkering in Photoshop with the blog banner. If you get this in a reader on your fancy iPad (ahem, RD), then you may want to click over to the real deal to see the facelift. (I found inspiration for it in the banner here, by the way. Grazie, amica mia!)


  1. You can read in my portrait that I'm a big "procrastinator". In fact, procrastination isa valid approach for perfection!

    Have a sweet day

  2. Oh, so you were playing with photoshop all this time, why didn't you just say? :)
    How did you work such photoshop wonder? The banner is beautiful, I wish I had your skills.

  3. I can totally relate! I spend way too much time tinkering in Photoshop! Loving the new look too!

  4. I wish I could procrastinate, but everything I do seems to come with hard work. Lucky you! Hope all goes well with your projects. I need to figure out how to do these banners.

  5. Kelleyn,
    I think that the trick for me is that the procrastination allows my wheels to spin, so to speak, for quite a bit before actually getting started with something. When I finally dive in, I have a plan that has formed, even if unknowingly. Strange, isnt' it?

  6. Oh yes, blogs are the number one enabler for procrastination. Because in a certain way you can justify the hours spent fiddling with settings and images by insisting that you can't let your readers down. That commitment is just as important as any project! Besides, it's not "procrastinating". It's being more time efficient... at the last second possibile.

  7. oh procrastination, how i love thee...and see what comes from it? love your new banner. although i cannot take credit for mine, it was a gift from the talented beth at moredoors. :)