17 March 2011

technically speaking

Technically speaking, this country is only 150 years old.

Today Italy celebrates 150 years of unification.

Schools, offices, and shops are closed, and events are planned in the piazze across the country -- even in the towns of Northern Italy, where some aren't so thrilled about this whole unification thing even after 150 years. The Tre Colori is hung across many balconies here this week nonetheless. We celebrated with friends at a pizzeria across town last night.

Viva l'Italia!


St. Patrick? Not such a big deal here, but we will be celebrating St. Joseph in a couple of days.


  1. Enjoy the festivities! A day off from work sounds great to me right about now :)

  2. Hope you enjoy the celebrations! Happy Birthday to Italy one of my favorite countries.

  3. I have enjoyed reading all the different takes on yesterdays celebrations.
    Viva l’Italia! Long Live Italy

  4. happy birthday to italy! :)