26 April 2011

the joy of the echo

These stainless steel tanks are used in the Prosecco making process in the Veneto area of Valdobbiadene. When you and I look at them, we see industrial vats -- gleaming and delightfully lined in a row, yet mostly functional. After first glance, we move on from them without a second thought, looking forward to a taste or two of the chilled sparkling drink.

valdo tanks

A six year old inspects deep inside and discovers untapped potential.

valdo tanks3

It's quite exciting news and friends must be informed.

valdo tanks4

Soon five-year-old Mattia joins in the investigation and is equally delighted with the find.

valdo tanks5

A good find, my friend, a good find indeed.

valdo tanks 7

Thus begins the impromptu concert, as the empty vats are fabulous echo chambers.

valdo tanks2

And honestly we were just happy they found a source of entertainment for a few minutes during our 
Prosecco tasting stop.

valdo tanks 6


I would just like to give a huge thanks to the kind and patient people at Le Bertole.  Not only did they open up shop for a tasting after posted working hours, they also tolerated our naughty kiddos with their obnoxious echo performance and sent us home with a gift. (Perhaps they were just happy to see us finally leave.)
I love Italy.


  1. Looks like the kids found their entertainment. At least that kept them busy, right? =) How was the tasting? Would you recommend their particular brand of drink?

  2. Italy is great that way! I love how they are so patient with children.

  3. This post made me smile. those vats are huge...echo chambers-your description totally nailed it-I can sense the entire scene perfectly. Parting gifts, huh?

  4. Too funny. Great photo ops!

  5. Funny thing is that I'd probably be doing the same thing if I was there :)

  6. Jennifer -- It was nice. It's all just a matter of personal preference imho.
    Kelleyn -- true, true :)
    Thanks Dorian and Alicia. Nice to meet you here.
    Maddy - I was tempted, believe me.

  7. Kids are too funny and will find entertainment anywhere.

  8. So cool! I love the perspective of how big the drums are compared to their height! Sounds (haha) like a great time!

    Tamar - linking up with CG!

  9. I can image kid would love to stick there head in those bins!!