17 April 2011

lungolago in Piemonte

We just spent a few leisurely, slow-paced days, just the three of us, together, without distractions along the shore of one of the lakes in the northwestern Piemonte region of Italy.

There was time for alpine exploring,

at the lake 1

and rock throwing,

at the lake2

and sun worshipping,

at the lake3

and island hopping,

at the lake 6

and a passaggiata (stroll) or two along the lungolago (lake front)...

at the lake4

... and then there were the gardens.

at the lake5

In time I hope to share the details of our sojourn at Lago Maggiore, but for now I've got laundry waiting and a six year old badly in need of a shower. 

Hope you had a great spring weekend, too.


  1. My husband spent many of his summers at that lake. Lovely!

  2. Funny you should mention that as we did notice that there were many, many Germans at the lake on this weekend. We also noticed a large number of Eastern Europeans and French-speaking visitors.

  3. These are super! Love the one on the boat and the worshipping the sun! That's what I look like when it finally gets warmer in the north east after a hard winter! I'm afraid the sun may disappear forever!

    Tamar - linking up w/ community global

  4. What a beautiful spot for a peaceful get-away.

  5. Yes! Finally, the sun! We live in a dense grey fog all winter...hoping to see the sun again some day :)