10 April 2011

our students @ spring break

One is going on safari somewhere in Africa. Another is visiting UAE, as she tells me -- United Arab Emirates. Two are headed to the States, while two others are participating in the senior trip to Barcelona. Ironically, the one who is visiting Germany was the object of (harmless) ridicule from her friends because she was "only going to Germany. How lame!" A friend is taking hers to Turkey for the week, and a neighbor is taking hers to Poland. Two friends who currently live in Germany are headed to Puglia with families in tow.

And us? We, too, are pretty lame. Young One does not have a break until Easter (when we don't), so this week is business as usual for us. (Minus the fact that I don't have to work ;) We have a quick trip to a lake within Italy planned soon, but it pales in comparison to our week-long visit to France last year at this time.

Where are you going this spring break?
Would those students think you lame or exotic?



  1. Umm... the only exciting thing coming up for me is a day trip to Palermo around Easter. I think that would fall under their category of "Lame". But hey, this summer it's Alaska, so I think that trumps whatever plans they have! Take that!

    Yeah, I'm not at all competitive.

  2. I love how going to Germany is lame! When I was growing up that would have been so exotic.

    We aren't doing anything for spring break (well the 4 day we are having this weekend) We're hoping for Plitvice Lakes in Croatia on the next 4 day. I'm also saving up for trips I'll be taking with my family when they get here. Tuscany, Salzburg, Munich and the Romantic Road and London.

  3. Sorry you are stuck in Italy. However, I don't think Italy is too bad of a place to be stuck. Though maybe I would think differently if I lived there full time. Will you be coming to the states this summer. If so, at least you have that to look forward too. You also have that lovely property you booked in June.

  4. Don't feel sorry for me...I'm wishing we were traveling but am happy to be home, too.
    We have lots planned in the coming months when our free days are the same.

  5. I always felt that it's totally ok for kids to skip elementary school to go away with their family, an enriching experience that is often all too rare. Have a nice, relaxing week! (and go shopping to coin for that spanish brand for me, as there's no coin anywhere near me. only a pathetic oviesse about 30 km away, not worth the trip) Ciao!

  6. I think it's all about moderation, Francesca...though I do err on a much more conservative side of that. School is important and so is attendance. I worry about the example being set by missing.
    (Of course, this is coming from a teacher who can schedule travel in the summer, when my kid is not in school.)