28 May 2011

dinner with La Maestra

la maestra

Last night we met with most of the families and children of Prima B, along with La Maestra, for an end-of-year celebratory dinner at an agriturismo in Costabissara.  I'm not sure who loved her gift better -- the little artists who created the pictures bound into the book or La Maestra. Though Young One is a bit hesitant with her hugs and kisses for her teacher, many of the kids were literally all over her.  A serious woman who is usually all business, all the time, I think she liked it, a lot.

Three cheers for first graders the world over! (And their teachers, too! I couldn't do it.)


  1. I hear you! While I love my children, I couldn't teach a class of 6/7 year olds all day long. These teachers are saints in my book.

  2. What a beautiful picture..