15 May 2011

little people in the paese

It's been about three years now that we've been living out in the paese. When people ask us how we like living "so far out" from the city, the answer is always the same: At this point in the history of our family, we wouldn't consider trading it for much of anything.

And these are among all the little reasons why . . .

kidds in the hood
Neighbor kids gathered to celebrate a birthday with us.

There is ALWAYS someone ready to play, always. Let the late summer nights out back begin!


More images from the recent birthday party out back can be found on Flickr.


  1. Just to look out your window and see something green and alive every day, to hear something besides traffic, motorino whine, and neighbors yelling through your kitchen wall is worth it. Space to breathe, room for the 'little people' to play - and, my goodness, that magNIFicent dog! Paese pooch indeed!

  2. Perfect reason to live in the paese!

  3. Sounds much like my neighborhood. Kids, kids and more kids.

  4. that is the most adorable group of little ones, that i have seen in a long time...i can see why living there would be as good as it is. young one will always remember that she had children to play with as she grew up...such a dying thing back here in the U.S.A., where children aren't hardly allowed to be outside, due to so many reasons...too many to list. sooo, be ever so grateful as i know you are, and stay put as long as you can in that paese.

  5. What a great bunch of neighbors! Your life sounds so wonderful in Italy! Can't wait to explore through your blog.

  6. And... what about the dog? :)

  7. We are indeed fortunate. Believe me, there is never a shortage of kids here.
    The dog doesn't come out too much. He's so darn excitable ;)