20 June 2011

summer homework

Italian teachers issue summer homework; I think it's a pretty standard custom that takes place across the country in most classrooms. It seems to be an expected part of the summer break. Young One's book is 120 pages of multi-disciplinary assignments, from very simple tasks to a few challenging ones, all a review of the previous school year, according to La Maestra.

So far, she has a positive attitude about completing it and sat with her friend this morning to knock out a few pages. Friends report that this doesn't always go so smoothly in their homes, but, alas, we have a seven-year-old girl who loves school; of course she enjoys completing this seemingly easy work. She also has a smaller English workbook to complete and a book of fables to read. 


What's your experience with summer homework and/or reading? Is it happening at schools near you?


  1. heheh, we'll see how she feels about this summer homework when she's older... I don't know about here, but I had it in the states a few times. Struggling through Les Mis. UNABRIDGED became a real bonding experience for my English class that summer.

  2. She's already started her homework?! What is she going to do the rest of summer?!:)

  3. No doubt, Haley. I'm sure that it won't be long before she despises it, or is at least unhappy about it.

    Francesca, Lots of summer adventures await this girl. I worry that there won't be time to complete this book & she'll be scrambling in September . . . like the rest of the kids in Italy. Ha!