30 August 2011

corner view

:: change ::



The back is even shorter.
Lovin' it.

I embrace change.
Do you?


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  1. I love the new cut. Very chic!

    I like good changes BUT learning to embrace the others. :) xo

  2. I love your new haircut! It seems to make your face seem so fresh and young. I would love to cut my hair short, but I need to lose some weight before I do otherwise my face will look fatter than normal.

  3. You seem so much more focused now ;o)
    Looks super cute!

  4. You look great! So sophisticated!

  5. Love the new style...Mom

  6. oooh, LOVE the new cut!!! even though i don't know you IRL, it seems totally fitting. :) i am good with some change, not so good with other kinds.

  7. Thanks friends! It sure is good to wake up to positive thoughts so early this Wednesday morning. :)

  8. so pretty. I love change. it's not always easy but I try to always be open to it.

  9. Always been partial to short hair and esp. bobs.

  10. Nice cut, I can feel for the you the fresh air on your neck ;-)
    Have a good day

    ps:First visit here and I can't wait reading your posts on language and education!

  11. oh, that was a good change. it suits you.

  12. the new cut is very elegant. Nice.

  13. I love the cut.
    Do I like change? Not when it is imposed on me.
    I have the same hair cut and I have had variations of it all my life so maybe I'm really not one for big changes!

  14. Love the cut! Much better than before! :)

  15. I love the new cut--accentuates your pretty face much better than the longer style.
    Is that a change in cameras too--from bulkier to lighter and smaller?
    My big change is every two weeks I get my nails done (acrylic gel--fake) and I have her do bright and funky. I have a teacher at school who razzes me about it, but my girl students love it and so do I!
    Right now I have bright blue glossy with a bright blue, durable glitter polish on the tips. Quite cheerful.

  16. Just great and so fresh !!!

  17. I never used to like change, but I've learned that resisting it makes everything worse. So, yes, I do embrace change (at last).

    Changing hairstyles is a different story ... that's a fun kind of change :)

  18. i find the first pic interesting too. dreamy, sort of. good moment in time, and i can imagine you're happy with the change... a new hairdo can be radically liberating.