19 August 2011

To Virginia We Go, Hi-Ho!

We spent a bit of time in the States this summer visiting family in both Virginia and Louisiana, and we even found time for a road trip to Arkansas, of all places.


And how does a seven-year-old girl fill her days will visiting family in Virginia?

She eats as many donuts as possible because "they don't make these in Italy, you know."
Duncan Dunkin 

She brings joy to her Grandma with seven year old antics.

She creates a wish list while visiting the newly opened American Girl store at Tyson's Corner.
American Girl Visit (DC) 

She explores Civil War canons, while trying not to complain about the heat, at the Manassas National Battlefield Park.
Manassas National Battlefield Park 

She rides in the "way back" of the biggest car she have ever seen on the way to see the sunrise at the ocean.
Sunrise Club 

She tries her hand at fishing in Sandbridge, Virginia with her very patient Uncle John. They catch nothing, but it really doesn't matter, does it?
Fishing in Sandbridge, VA 

She bravely leads a (short-lived) ocean kayak expedition into Back Bay in search of wildlife.

She plays cards with much, much, much older cousins and their friends. She learns some choice words. But that doesn't really matter either, does it?
Beach House UNO

And she takes flight in Aunt Karen's pool, courtesy of her strong and buff father.
Beach House Pool Fun

Not bad. Not bad at all.
For a seven-year-old girl visiting her family in Virginia.

And after nearly 10 days, she boards a plane to a destination further south, New Orleans, Louisiana.


  1. I love the car photo! How was the sunrise?

  2. I am glad you all had an amazing time. I almost bought a similar bathing suit with goldfish for the bab y.

  3. Great photos! Looks like she had a wonderful time. Hate that we didn't make it home this year.

  4. The sunrise was magical, to include dolphins in the horizon.
    Isn't it cute, Kelleyn? It's from Garnet Hill.
    Thanks Sara. I like visiting, but, whew . . . it takes so much out of us. I'd rather hang on the beach in Puglia.