15 September 2011

on being fancy

As we exited the school today, we ran into Stefan's mom. Stefan's mom is a genuinely warm and lovely lady who always takes the time to chat, to ask how things are going. We stood on the sidewalk for some time discussing the comings and goings of our summers. Then we did the obligatory muh-muh, right-left and parted ways, agreeing to get our families together soon.

I turned to Young One, "Isn't she just a nice lady? I really like her."

She looked up at me, and excitedly replied, "Oh, yes! And she is beautiful too, Mamma.  Did you see her pearls? She is so fancy, Mamma. Did you see her shoes? Her shoes were the best. Even they had pearls. Did you see? Did you see?" Then she continued at length to describe her shoes in great detail. She would love to have those shoes.

Of course I didn't notice her shoes or her pearls or her dress or her bag. (It's difficult not to notice that she is a beautiful, elegant woman.)

Of course I was dressed in worn summer sandals, chinos, and a polo shirt. Not an ounce of fancy. I even had a canvas bag.

The irony.
My girl loves fancy.
I am many things. Fancy is not one of them.
At least she thinks I'm beautiful, too. Though, she has requested that I become more fancy a time or two.
Not happening, Baby Girl.


The back-to-school rush is slowing a bit, at least for Young One and me. I hope to catch up on blog reading and post some back-to-school pics this weekend. I was also featured in an interview on another blog and hope to share a bit about that.  For now. . . time to make dinner because the man (who usually runs the kitchen in my house) is away for work, again.


  1. I think many little girls love fancy when little - but then grow up and out of the princess clothes, and wear worn comfy shoes and Tshirts. (Unless they're Stefan's mom!)(or me!:))

  2. Oh, that´s sweet! My mother is the opposite of me; she never wears make-up, rarely buy new clothes and I think she has had the same hair do for 25 years - but she´s still beautiful in my eyes. So even though I´m attracted to everything she´s not, I love how she is. :-)

    (I do prefer comfy shoes though..!)

  3. I wonder it's going to be the same with my daughter. She already loves accessories, and she's two. I am not fancy at all.

  4. love it!! have you guys read that fancy nancy book where nancy tries to teach her family how to be fancy? :) though i suppose M might be too big for it by now.

    i WISH i was fancy! if someone would just outfit me from the entire anthropologie store, i'd be happy. but a) expensive b) don't know how to dress myself well even though i know what i like. what's up with that? fashion really is an art.

  5. We have that book in our home library, Emily. I'm afraid that her father and I are hopeless cases for conversion to the world of fancy. She, I am afraid, has only just begun.

    Yesterday she told me she needs a coat with a fur-trimmed hood this winter, and specifically described the fur. She doesn't want faux fur. This is her first-ever request . . . here we go!!!