18 September 2011

saturday photo & an interview

'Tis the Season

My friend OxeyeDaisey over at Creative Compulsive did me the honor of an interview on her blog --
an interview in which I wax philosophical about (my) creative process.
Can you stand it?
Go. Read. She makes me shine.

 Check out her burgeoning Etsy shop, where you will find
 fantastic, user-friendly original patterns 
by this
bonafide costume designer.


  1. It is strange to think of american football being played in Italy; however, I do know that there are a few professional teams. Still strange. I bet the tailgate parties are yummy.

  2. Loved the interview.. I tried to comment over there but I'm not sure it went?

  3. Very interesting interview Dana! I feel that after reading your blog for so long, I've seen your photography develop and blossom - and video production seems the next logical step. Tell us more about it!

  4. Kelleyn,
    We have this system of American schools here, complete with sports and other extra curricular activities. It is a bit odd, but it happens all within the confines of the military bases and generally doesn't involve the locals much.


  5. Thanks for taking the time to read it, Francesca. I've taken a couple of courses to become "qualified" to teach the course in our school. I'm thinking of another shift in my career path. We'll see how it goes. . . .it may be later than sooner, or perhaps never.

    I know that I've become a better photographer in part to following blogs like yours. I get much inspiration from the talented women who share their work day in and day out. You, Emily M., Karen, Lucia, Kasia . . . just to name a few.