28 October 2011

7 Links Worth Sharing & A Good-bye

“'It’s supereasy. It’s like learning to use toothpaste,' Mr. Eagle said. 'At Google and all these places, we make technology as brain-dead easy to use as possible. There’s no reason why kids can’t figure it out when they get older.'”  - from "A Silicon Valley School that Doesn't Compute"

"Generation X devotes more hours to work than average and pursues continuing education." - from "A Study Says Generation X is Balanced and Happy"

We are the 99% on Tumblr.

"Created by moms, StorySnoops offers children's book reviews from a parent's perspective. Our search features identify tween and teen fiction for every type of reader. Curious about content? Our book reviews will give you the scoop! We help you find fiction that fits." - from Story Snoops: Judge a Book By More Than It's Cover 


Summer good-byes are never easy. Young One & Her Favorite Cousins // August 2011


"Violent storms across northern and central Italy claimed at least six lives and left eight missing Wednesday as roads, bridges and at least one house were swept away in mudslides and torrential downpours."  -from "Storms Claim Six Lives in Italy"

Gaby's Fall Fest Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars
Must. Try. Soon.

"The 'fresh' scent of fabric softeners usually serves as a disguise for a surprising array of toxic chemicals. In fact, recent studies reveal that among all household products, one of the most toxic is fabric softener."  - from "Truly Clean Laundry Has No Smell"



  1. How sad! I hadn't heard this story about what happened in Italy. Good byes are always sad too.

  2. i haven't used fabric softerns in years because of its toxicity, however sports socks become more like cardboard than anything resembling their former cotton texture, in only a couple of washes. I tried adding vinegard (a green tip), but it didn't make any difference, as our water is fairly soft anyway. So I bought a green fabric softerner, and I do a sock wash every once in awhile.
    Did you ask anything about our socks in your post? :)

  3. Great articles! Thanks for sharing them.