02 October 2011

sunday outing


This morning we took a guided walk in a neighboring town and learned a bit more about this place we call home; we toured an ancient structure carved and built into the rocky hillside, Le Prigioni, in Mossano. While the name suggests a prison, it is believed to have been a military structure created as an additional line of defense, perhaps built by prisoners many, many years ago, likely the 1400's (or so I understood from the guide. Please correct me if you can.)


Le Prigioni is on private property and is owned by the same family who owns the Villa Giulia in Mossano. Though public access is restricted, guided tours are held quite frequently throughout the year.  I just wonder if this conversation ever happens in the family . . . "Hey, why don't we have a picnic on the west end of our ancient stone structure this weekend?" or "Let's have Andrea's birthday party in the principal room, where the guards are thought to have slept. That would be a great theme this year!"

Well . . . it is possible, isn't it?
It's amazing to me that a private individual can own such a piece of history. I love it.

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