14 December 2011

behind the scenes @ the theater


A friend invited me to join her for a rehearsal of this orchestra in Vicenza today. As I peeked in from the wings of the stage, I felt completely out of place and a bit like a fraud. I mean, all I really know about music is that I like it, a lot, and here I was in the midst of professional musicians being very professional and very musician-y. Undoubtedly, Richard would have been better suited to be in my spot. Maybe I'll invite him next time, now that I'm in with the muscian-y crowd ;)

rehearsal rehearsal2

Pretty cool, doncha think? As for Richard, don't worry about him...he's been behind the scenes and inside of the jowls of the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples several times and, for him, not much can top that. It is the oldest of it's kind in all of Europe, I do believe. Tomorrow night the three of us will attend the late-night Christmas concert, which includes the orchestra and some choral performances (to include some teens I know); our seats are near the top row, a stark difference to what I experienced today. So much for being in the "in" crowd!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go!


  1. Still not to shabby to be in the back row of that theater in comparison to some other theaters were nose bleed really leaves you barely seeing. Is school out there? Merry Christmas.

  2. Lucky you to get an inside peek! And it certainly is looking like xmas (with the lights anyway). I'm just waiting for the snow.