16 January 2012

let me introduce you to

kids in bavaria

some of the best little people on the planet
(and their picture-taking mammas)


We've just returned from our annual meet-up with friends in Garmisch, Germany, which is really just a little slice of heaven nestled high in the Bavarian Alps. If I can get my act together before the end of the week, then I'll share some images of our time together. 

Just a note on the photo:  We corralled them all to the back patio of the house we were renting for the annual group photo. I always, always like to take a step back and take a photo with the photographers in focus. This time I was lucky because I simply held my camera over my head and snapped a couple, creating an image with the kids just blurry enough for me to feel comfortable posting them here. One of the mothers is outside of the frame. Considering there were no less than five cameras pointed in their faces and five bossy mammas giving them instructions simultaneously, I think they collectively fared very well. When the dogs were brought into the frame ... well, that's a different story.


  1. So glad you had a great time!

  2. ... and the colors against the white snow. It just screams "good times" with friends on the slopes. How fun for you all!