08 February 2012

2012 projects

I've taken on a few projects since the new year, and since I've managed to keep up with them so far, I thought I'd share.

The first two are in hopes of improving my photography.
366 in 2012 is my daily photo blog where I post a picture a day, usually on the day I take it, but not always. This stretches my photography by forcing me to take a photo Every. Single. Day. -- rain or shine, sun or clouds, happy or cranky, even when there is fog and rain. Since I'm usually limited to natural light loveliness that comes only when the mood hits me, this is quite a challenge. Um, and, I want to learn to rock my iPhone camera like Emily. I think mine is defective.

I've also joined a Flickr group: Clicky Project 52 / 2012. Weekly themes, photos posted in the group. Interesting people who are connected in one way or another. Feedback. Encouragement.

5/52 Things We Carry (Dana)

 Some of the same pictures appear both here and in those places, but not all of them.

The third project is a goofy one called Italian Pizza Diaries. I can't help myself.

What are you doing in this new year?


  1. I think my iphone camera is defective too, because mine never come out like Emily's even with her fancy phone apps.

    While I haven't taken on the challenge to take a photo a day, I would love for my photography to get better. Your photos are amazing.

  2. I'm so jealous of your pizzas.

  3. aww, i'm blushing! i think maybe it just takes practice to know in what situations the iPhone will and won't work. anyway, love that you are doing a 366! hooray! i should change the name on my flickr set, i suppose...i think i might wimp out on the project 52. it felt like too much pressure maybe...i don't know...i care too much about what people think (or don't). i need to be more confident. sigh. my other main project for the year is completing photo books for 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. got 2011 done! not entirely happy with the publisher (My Publisher) but it's better than the Blurb book i had done. i sure wish Mpix made it easier to make bigger books.

  4. Thank you Kelleyn. Any chance you guys will ever get back here, Susan?
    Emily, May you be blessed with confidence...your work is admirable. Thanks for the advice on those two book publishers, and, yes, I agree about MPix.