11 February 2012

all you need is love: valentine craft

garland dana copy 

Okay, really you'll need love, doilies, yarn, and basic craft supplies like markers, glue, and scissors. I just break out the scrapbook supplies left over from my addictive scrapping phase.

And don't forget the glitter...because if Valentine's Day isn't time for glitter, then I'm not sure when it might be.

garland table garland jul garland maddy

It's a cheap and easy craft appropriate for most ages that looks lovely every time. I found the heart-shaped doilies in my PX: a package of 25 for $1. I had to refrain from buying all of them.

Let each family member decorate a couple of hearts to create one garland together or let each person make his or her own.  No rules.  My girl took it a step further and made a heart-shaped butterfly. She then proceeded to fly him around the room for twenty minutes while her friend and I worked.

In the end, each girl decorated ten hearts, making for a nice garland for each of them. I just weaved the yarn through the holes in the doilies and used a simple hole punch for the butterfly.

garland stairs

We made a much smaller version of this last year, too. 


  1. that's so cute! I know a couple of other kids who would love to make a valentine garland :o) AND a few days ago I found a random package of heart dollies stuck in a random drawer...perfect timing!

  2. I love the red and turquiose combinations. Also very impressed with the butterfly heart!

  3. Ooohh, pretty -- and thanks for the idea, too! I have it on good authority that I'm going to be doing Valentine's crafts after school today, so I appreciate the inspiration!

  4. thanks for sharing the love! :)