02 February 2012

conversations with young one

Young One:  Mamma, Daddy has only ever kissed three girls.
Me: Really?
Young One:  Yep. Me, you, and that girl in college who said, "Come here and kiss me, now!"
Me: How do you know about the girl in college?
Young One:  Daddy told me all about it. I know she was drunk, though.
Me: What does it mean to be drunk?
Young One: It means you drink too much wine and do stupid things.
Me: Have you ever seen someone drunk?
Young One: Only on TV.

I'll leave it to him to reveal the details of his first wife to her. I'm just happy she's never seen me drunk; we do lead by example.


Richard later revealed that the conversation didn't go exactly as she reported. Admittedly, he would like to have her believe that he has only ever kissed two (not three) girls, me and her. When I met him, he was already over 40 and had kissed several frogs before finding his princess. (Ahem, that would be moi.)

They have never talked about drunkeness. I hate the TV.


  1. If not from tv, then from friends or just by listening in on conversations on the bus or in public places...

    But yes, we do lead by example.

    Re: Corner View. You've got snow! That's not fair! (We're due some very soon. Up until now we only got the bitter harsh cold.)


  2. Ha! This conversation was so funny I read it out loud to my husband! I love these conversations with Young One!

  3. She cracks us up.

    I now remember the TV, too....

    Early on in Season 1 of Glee we figured that it was inappropriate for her and pulled the plug on family viewing of that show. Too bad, bc singing is her thing, for now. Several months (maybe a year?) later, an episode aired on Italian TV. I was lazy, enthralled in something else, and let her watch. The theme was alcohol awareness in the school, and they, of course, took it to places not appropriate for a 7-year-old girl -- specifically the teens getting drunk. This is where she saw it on TV.

    She has indeed seen it in real life, at least tipsy-ness...she just doesn't realize that ;)

    No more Glee.