01 March 2012

conversations with young one

Young One: Uncle Denis has two wives, so I have two aunts.

Me: He has a wife, and an ex-wife. Really, only Aunt Missy is your aunt because she is Daddy's sister who married Uncle Denis. You've never met his first wife.

Young One: Can two girls get married?

Me: In some places they can.

Young One: Why?

Me: In some places they are allowed, and in some places they are not, like Italy.

Young One: I think they should be allowed to get married everywhere.

Me: Me too!

Young One: But then will they kiss?

Me: Absolutely! Married people kiss.

Young One: Ewww. And then can they have a baby?

Me: Well, they can, but they just need to get a bit of help.

Young One: Like they can adopt a baby. Or, really two ladies can have a baby because ladies have babies. They can have two at the same time.

Me: It takes a man and a woman to have a baby.

Young One:  No. Ladies make babies. What do they need from men? The lady can have the baby by herself.

Me: Nope. They need sperm from men.

Young One: Can we stop at a bar for a snack after we get my new shoes? I'm hungry.


Saved by a healthy appetite!

I'm hoping she saves the sperm questions for her Dad, but I'm ready if she asks. Undoubtedly, she'll remember the conversation ... she always does, even with so many tangents and turns, and even with only one mention of sperm. 

It really is a joy to witness her learning so many new things each and every day. It's exciting to be around, really, this curious little (open) mind.

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  1. I love how honest you are with her and I too believe up to a certain age you only need to answer as much as they are asking. We usually have the full talk with the kids around 9 or 10.