05 April 2012

holy week in the paese: faith and community

A community gathered for a common cause is a beautiful thing. At this time of year, it's faith that continues to bring the people in my piccolo paese together.

Last night the faithful worshiped together publically as they strolled from the church at the bottom of the street up to the end of it for the annual Way of the Cross devotional procession. Candles flickered through the drizzle along the entire length of the mile-long street as a group of nearly one hundred, proceeded by a young man baring the cross and our local priest Don Giorgio, huddled together with umbrellas while reciting the devotions in unison at each stop. Between stations a chorus with a guitar led the group in song. 

easter way of the cross 2
Easter way of the cross

Young One, who you may remember "hates" catecismo class, eagerly joined a couple of neighbors at the church and participated in the procession; Richard and I chose to stay home & light candles on our sidewalk instead.

I could be completely off the mark here, but I don't think one needs to be Catholic, or even Christian, to see the beauty in the ritual, the community, the faith.  

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