30 April 2012

sunday lunch with rosy

rosys zeppilini2 18/52 Food (Dana) 18/52 Food (Dana) rosys shrimp potato 18/52 Food (Dana)

And we brought the cake. 
That Richard bought at the bakery that morning. 
With a Barbapapa, an orange tree, and curious mounds of meringue.
Like Florida, the oranges.

I know how to write complete sentences.
Don't you believe me?
I used to be an English teacher.
Grammar was my game.
Other English teachers would come to me with grammar questions.
(go figure)
Poetic license.
Look it up.
Try teaching that concept to ninth graders.

My cooking is not so poetic.
Not so free.
Like Rosy's.
I go to her with cooking questions.
I'm better than a ninth grader.

My favorite is the octopus.
What's yours?
I wish you could have a Sunday lunch with Rosy some day.
If just to experience the beautiful light in her kitchen. mammamia.

18/52 Food (Dana)


  1. I don't know which is more tempting, the food or the photography. In either case, yum!

    1. We are always thankful to get a lunch invite from Rosy. I just never knew her kitchen had such lovely light for photos :)

  2. I wish I could have lunch with Rosy too! Yum! You are so mean to us to show us these photos.

    1. Funny... mean was not my intent! LOL.

  3. Please, please can you share the recipe of the first dish. My grandmother used to make those 'dumplings' and I can practically taste them. Your photos have brought back such great memories.

    1. I've never made those, but I do like them. They are usually called Zeppole di Alghe (or some variation of that?) I've found a recipe that looks correct online here: http://patryval.blogspot.it/2007/11/pizzette-di-alghe-di-mare.html

    2. Thank you. I look forward to making them and sharing them with my family :)

  4. How totally amazingly wonderful! Eating at a local's house is one of the best perks of living abroad - lucky you!