27 April 2012

where i live: rooftops

i live in the colli berici of the province of vicenza, italy

where i live the rooftops have a gentle slope
where i live every roof has a chimney or two
where i live electricity cables often overpower the beauty of the rooftops
where i live people still use television antennas
where i live more than one family usually lives under one roof
where i live most of roofs are made of terracotta tiles (but I've seen some plastic, too!)


I'm joining Francesca today for a "where i live" series.


  1. So very poetic, Dana! I actually had a hard time writing about tiled roofs, and took me forever to compose one sentence I'm not happy about!
    Thanks for playing along, happy weekend!

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  3. Francesca....ugh...I almost didn't include the words bc I think they are so lame....so far from poetry that I like :( You are kind.

    Beth...sure...check you inbox :)

  4. yep, those darn power lines are always mucking up the perfect view. I liked the words/poem.
    What a fun exercise!