22 May 2012

31 Things | Day 6 | You

1. Age: Forty and a-okay with that!

2. Favorite part of my day:  I really, truly, honestly, completely like that part of my day that I am utterly alone. I rarely get that treat, but when I do, I savor the solitude. 

3. Loving: 
I am loving the local cherries! All year I look forward to them with great anticipation and then enjoy them as much as possible during their brief season. I love hearing people tell me they enjoyed the cherry jam I made last year and hope to make my first batch of the season this weekend.

4. Longing for: 
I am longing for a new camera. It’s a bad idea. It’s a total indulgence. Okay, so while I’m in longing mode, I may as well throw in that over-the-top lens that I’ve been drooling over as well. I keep reminding myself that it’s the photographer, not the camera, that makes the image.  I believe that wholeheartedly, but I long nonetheless.

5. Inspired by: 
I am most inspired by my community of bloggers. They inspire me to be a better mother, a better writer, and a better photographer. I don’t read blogs related to my profession. Maybe I should start.

6. Dreaming of:  I am not a dreamer. You know that. Don't feel sorry for me.

7. Needing:  Right now I need to be with my sister and her sweet family as they struggle with the very sudden, very serious illness of a loved one this week. I hate that I can’t give her a hug or hold her children next to me.

8. Navigating: 
I am always, always, always navigating this foreign culture. Some days are smooth sailing while others bring me to my knees.  I think I’ve offended the mother of one of Young One’s classmates; the catch is … I have no idea how or why! Likely, it was simple miscommunication (or lack of understanding on my part), but she is clearly not happy with me.

9. Struggling with: 
I am struggling with “unplugging.” I want to be able to set limits, especially during the summer. I may have to resort to bribery and rewards. See #4.

10. Knowing: I know that I am needed and loved by my family and that I give them the best of me. I know that even when I don’t, because, let’s face it, sometimes I can’t, they love me the same. That’s a good thing to know.

I'm trying to keep up with the daily prompts of the Ali Edwards online class 31 Things. This one was quick and easy because Ali included this simple list of ten things as a writing option today. I love a good list.


  1. So sorry that your sister is suffering right now and that you can't be with her I am sure is beyond difficult. Sending you and your sister my prayers.

    On a lighter note, I am with you on the lens. I bought two this year, but would love to have one that is a zoom lens.

    1. Thank you. The hardest part is that I haven't even been able to speak with her bc of her location. It's awful.

  2. Virtual hugs just aren't the same, and as much as I love being here I will always find that a struggle.
    Paolino delivered a big basket of cherries two days ago...they are still in the basket, I must find more time!
    And as long as we are sharing new camera/lens envy...I really, really want a lens so I can take bird pictures!

    1. Make jam!!! It's fun, easy, and oh-so-pretty in those Quattro Stagione jars. :)

  3. Very sorry about your sister and her family - it's hard to be afar at difficult times.
    It's the photographer, but good lenses help, and expand the photographer's skills - at least, that's what I'm telling myself :)

    1. Thank you. I will see her in about three weeks, but I wish I could be there now. I'll finally get to speak with her today, I think.

      I do appreciate a good lens and have learned the difference. I've come a long way on this photography journey.

  4. sending love & light to you and your sister - it's times like that when the distance feels really hard. i am with you on those cherries, the camera gear, and navigating this country and her language....right there with you.

    1. Right there with you, too ;) Thanks for the light and love...they will need it.