12 May 2012

Loggia Valmarana

Loggia Valmarana (1591)

Loggia Valmarana (1591)
Giardini Salvi
Vicenza, Italy

Believed to have been designed by a student of Andrea Palladio, this was once a meeting place for intellectuals and scholars. The day I took this photo, I saw little evidence of either of those at the loggia (balcony) or anywhere else in the park, for that matter. I did, however, see lots and lots of lovers, all fully clothed, but all in different manners of bodily entanglement. Ahhh Spring!


  1. Must be spring fever because all along the banks of the Neckar river we see the same body entaglement. It makes for some interesting conversations between me and my children. Roman the other day yelled out gross. I was a little embarred.

    1. Roman is funny. I think my daughter might be tempted to do the same. Luckily, she was not with me ;)

  2. This is my favorite place of all vicenza!