07 May 2012

stuff I'm sharing

:: Grilled Asparagus Recipe :: It just left us wondering why in the world we had never grilled asparagus before Sunday. Yum.

:: Interactive Website :: Draw a Stickman

:: Coldplay Cover of Beastie Boys :: My dear husband, a man of another generation, says he doesn't even remember this song.  What the heck?

:: I've finally read Amy Chua's work, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, and I'm here to say that I totally get it.  While I am no "Tiger Mom," I do share many of her beliefs...specifically that children need high expectations and direction. I also think that the media misinterpreted her intent, likely without even reading the dang book, because much of what I had read and heard about the book before reading it was irrelevant and false. Shame on the press.

:: I also totally get this response from Dear Prudence to "Wondering." This sense of entitlement frightens me, frankly. (It's the third question in the article.)

:: Husband is back & I just booked a babysitter for a date night this weekend. I'm shooting for an early evening in Venice, with a visit to this Klimt exhibit; the week is young :) We shall see.


  1. Have you read Bringing up Bebe yet? The French parenting book? It's on my list.
    I "grilled" asparagus last night in my panini press -- tossed with olive oil and sea salt. Delicious!

    1. Not yet, but I'd sure like to read it. Hmmm...might have to get a panini press!

  2. That asparagus looks delicious, the new blog header is great, and I agree with your assessment of the Tiger Mother...I really think very few people actually read it before stirring up all of that mess. Like Susan mentioned in her comment, I have also been wanting to read Bringing up Bebe. Wonder if we could arrange some sort of blogger book discussion? And speaking of motherhood, Happy Mother's Day!

  3. One look at the photo of grilled asparagus and my mouth is watering. Looks so delicious!