30 May 2012

terre + moto

Moving Earth :: Terre + moto :: Earthquake

Michela guessed the topic of conversation of the two neighbor boys correctly: terremoto.

At that time, they were excitedly discussing the terremoto that occurred in northern Italy, the one that shook our house and woke us in a panic in the early morning hours of May 20th. A second serious quake took place Tuesday with an epicenter just west of the first, about 75 miles south of our paese. On Tuesday, I huddled under tables with teenagers who feel immortal.

People are frightened, very frightened. Lives are lost. People are homeless. The country mourns.

At least one article that I've read suggests that this seismic activity results from the Apennine Mountain Range being pushed northward under the Po Valley, and that this is likely not the end of the earth shaking. We are taking deep breaths and sending love and prayers to those who are suffering.


  1. Hopefully, they will stay away from you. Praying for Italy.

  2. I have been thinking about you guys and wondering how you were faring with all of the recent quakes. Must be very scary. I am not a huge fan of hurricanes, but I do like the fact that you can see when they are headed your way and track them. Very sad for everyone who has been impacted by all of the recent seismic activity.

  3. right now I'd love to be a teenager just to feel immortal for a little while.

  4. it is an advantage of working with them everyday ... if you can get past the worry!